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Azurion 7 20


Azurion 7 20

  • Simpli ed set-up and operation

    The Azurion 7 uses a range of ProcedureCards to help optimize
    and standardize system set-up for all your cases, from routine to advanced procedures. The system will automatically select the appropriate ProcedureCard(s) based on the RIS/HIS/CIS code of the scheduled procedure.


    ProcedureCards can increase the consistency of exams by offering presets (e.g. most-frequently used, default protocols and user-specified settings) on the procedure, physician or department level. In addition, hospital checklists and/ or protocols can be uploaded into the ProcedureCards to help safeguard the consistency of interventional procedures and reduce preparation errors.


    Full control at table side through FlexVision Pro
    With FlexVision Pro you have full control, at table side, of all applications in the interventional lab. Not only does this improve work ow within the exam room, it helps reduce the need for team members to leave the sterile area and walk to the control room during procedures. This can save time and help avoid delays.


    Insightful image guided therapy

    We have pioneered a steady stream of innovations in Live Image Guidance that help clinicians determine the most advantageous course of treatment with con dence, including StentBoost Live, Dynamic coronary roadmap, aneurysm ow, EchoNavigator, HeartNavigator, EP Navigator, OncoSuite, XperCT and many more. All these advanced interventional tools are seamlessly integrated into the Azurion 7 to support your clinical workflow.

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